Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick lands in Philly...DND

Now that Michael Vick is an Eagle, backing up the injury-prone Donovan McNabb, what are we as fantasy football owners to do?

Absolutely nothing.

If you recall, way back when Vick last played the game, he was rarely a consistent fantasy contributor. Sure, he had a handful of outstanding statistical games throughout his career; but for the most part, he was more frustrating than dominating.

Three years later, there's no reason to think he will ever again be fantasy-relevant. Sure, if McNabb goes down, there will be an instant waiver wire feeding frenzy. But those who land him are destined to be disappointed.

Vick might become an interesting wildcat option for the Eagles, but that will not translate into the kind of production you need from your starting QB.

Just as 31 NFL team owners have done, let Vick be some other owner's problem.

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