Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first real draft of 2009: Sporting News Experts League

Just completed my first "real" draft of the season as part of the Sporting News Fantasy Source writers. We'll play this one out for fame and fortune.

I had the 9th position in the 12-man, non-PPR league. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, no flex. Here's what I did, along with my rationale:

1. Randy Moss (WR - NE) -- First WR off the board. Took a chance that the RB I wanted would still be there on the swing-back.
2. Brian Westbrook (RB - Phi) -- Cha-ching! There he is. Westbrook is outstanding value at this position. Yes, there are injury concerns, but I'm still loving him here, over the other options such as Slaton, Portis and Barber. But if he kneels down at the one again...
3. Wes Welker (WR - NE) -- Moss and Welker on the same team? Why not? If Brady goes down, I'm hosed. Otherwise, I like my chances.
4. Tony Romo (QB - Dal) -- Very disappointed Rivers was taken five picks earlier. It was Romo vs. Warner, so I went with the younger legs.
5. Thomas Jones (RB - NYJ) -- I have a hard time getting excited by Jones, but the guy is an every-year workhorse, and he was absolutely the best value on the board.
6. Chris Wells (B - Ari) -- You know how much I love Beanie...
7. Kellen Winslow (TE - TB) -- Was really hoping Felix Jones would make it back to me, but he was scooped up 3 picks too soon. Winslow is a nice value here, 3 rounds after Witten, Gates and Gonzo. But I debated long and hard over Greg Olsen instead.
8. Kevin Walter (WR - Hou) -- Struggled with this one, but had to round out my starting WRs. This pick could go either way. I also gambled that LeSean McCoy (Westbrook's handcuff) would last until my next pick. I lost that gamble.
9. Percy Harvin (B - Min) -- You know how I love Percy...
10. Chris Henry (WR - Cin) -- Wouldn't be surprised if he's starting over Coles by October.
11. Jamaal Charles (B - KC) -- Good RB depth with a chance of becoming a starter. Charles is expected to be a bigger part of KC's new pass-oriented offense, which doesn't fit Larry Johnson's talents as well.
12. Steve Breaston (B - Ari) -- Shocked he's still on the board. Almost took him 2 rounds earlier. Minor knee injury might be why he slipped, but Breaston makes an outstanding WR5. I guess I have to start rooting for AZ to trade Boldin now...
13. Chicago Bears (DEF/ST - Chi) -- 7th unit off the boards might just be the best one.
14. Jerome Harrison (B - Cle) -- Some say James Davis is pushing Jamal Lewis harder. I happen to like Harrison's chances more.
15. David Garrard (B - Jac) -- If all goes according to plan, I'll only need Garrard during Romo's bye week. And what do you know? The Jags play the Rams in Week 6!
16. Kevin Boss (B - NYG) -- As backup TEs go, Boss is pretty salty.
17. Lawrence Tynes (K - NYG) -- John Carney was a scoring machine for the Giants last year. I also love his Week 10 bye.

There you have it. Solid starting QB, 3 very-good-to-great RBs, excellent WRs from top to bottom, and an elite TE, DEF and K. I like my chances with this team.

I'd love to hear your comments.

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