Friday, August 21, 2009

Ocho Cinco kicks...Adjust your league's scoring rules now!

Every once in a while, something unexpected happens on the gridiron that sends fantasy owners into a tizzy. Like when a QB falls on a fumble in the end zone (rushing TD?), or a WR returns a punt for a score (does the WR get the points or the DEF/ST, or both?).

Last night was one of those crazy occasions, and it only seems fitting that one of the most eccentric players in the business was at its epicenter. Chad Ocho Cinco booted an extra point -- in fact, it turned out to be the game-winner!

Clearly this was done as much as a preseason novelty as in reaction to the sore groin Shayne Graham experienced during warm-ups. So it's unlikely to be repeated when the games really matter. But, what if...?

What if Graham pulls his groin, or a hammy, during warm-ups for a regular season matchup? Why wouldn't Ocho trot out for another short XP or FG attempt? He put last night's kick straight through the uprights...he could be called upon again. And if he's in your starting lineup, you better believe you're going to want those points to count for you!

I didn't realize it till now, but it's happened at least once before. Wes Welker booted a FG and XP for the Dolphins in October 2004 against his future Patriots teammates.

So make sure your rules are clear now, before it becomes a controversy in the heat of the moment. After all, no commissioner likes to change the rules in mid-season, especially if doing so would alter the outcome of a particular matchup.

For that matter, make sure that none of your scoring rules are tied to any individual player's position. Anyone who lines up for a kick, regardless of their stated position, should be eligible for kicking points. Anyone who passes, runs or catches a TD pass (or 2-point conversion) should get those points -- even kickers!

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