Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Official announcement of my new Sporting News Radio show!

For Immediate Release
Sporting News Radio Launches Next Generation Fantasy Football Content

Scottsdale, AZ August 5, 2009 Just in time for the fantasy football drafts that will be taking place across the country, Sporting News Radio is launching innovative new content to arm fantasy players with a competitive advantage.

“Sporting News Radio Fantasy Source” is hosted by nationally acclaimed fantasy sports expert Ladd Biro and is anchored by Sporting News Radio Host Tim Montemayor. The program will be broadcast on the Sporting News Radio Network every Friday, 7P/8P with an encore presentation Saturday.

“I’ve been preparing for this show for more than five years, and I couldn’t be more excited,” said Biro. “We’ll be doing some innovative things that no other show has done, and we’ll leave time for plenty of callers to get their questions in as well.”

The fast-paced show will cover a lot of ground and engage callers. Its value to fantasy players is rooted in the ability of host Ladd Biro to provide quality data, analysis and insight. The decisions fantasy players need to make to manage their teams effectively is driven by good information, which is Biro’s hallmark.

Ladd Biro’s fantasy football knowledge has earned him a role as a regular contributor to The Dallas Morning News, Sporting News Magazine and more than a dozen other major publications. He also the founder and president of Dallas-based Champion Management, a sports, entertainment and brand marketing agency.

“Sporting News Radio Fantasy Source” launches August 28 and will be cleared on Sporting News Radio’s network of terrestrial affiliates. Content will also be streamed, podcast, and distributed on the network’s digital partners, UpSnap and GoTo.

Clancy Woods
President Sporting News Radio

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  1. Place a link to the show schedule or where folks who want to follow you can go to find a local station or satellite station. I have been looking and looking.....