Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week 16 Sunday morning updates

Greetings, Fools, on this lovely Championship Sunday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Now it's time to win us a title!

As always, track my tweets (@ladd_biro) for inactives and other late-breaking developments.

Note that the Colts signed a 3rd QB from their practice squad this week (Drew Willy), which is a sure indication that Manning & Co. aren't expected to play the whole game. I predict one half for Peyton, Reggie, Addai, Clark, most of the starting OL and key defenders. Keep that in mind if you're relying on those guys. I wouldn't be surprised to see Peyton drive them down the field 2-3 times and cash in for TDs, which isn't all bad. So the TDs may be there, but not much in the way of yardage.

But hear this: Peyton told ESPN that he would expect to be in the game in the 4th quarter if the game was still on the line. Interesting... That would make me feel a little better about starting him. Either he puts up big #s and leaves early, or he plays most of the game. Either way, that's probably good news.

DeAngelo is doubtful and will not play, according to He made the trip to NY with the team, but apparently he's not feeling up to it. Could be another big game for J-Stew.

Fred Taylor will suit up for the Pats against his old team (Jags). That's interesting, but not from a fantasy perspective, except for the impact on the other RBs' carries. Not good news for Laurence Maroney owners, as he could be sharing with Freddy, Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk. Yuck.

Antonio Bryant (groin) will play against New Orleans today and, as I said in my Starters & Benchwarmers column, I really like his chances.

Larry Fitzgerald (knee) is fine also and will play.

OK, the inactives have started coming out. So far, nobody significant is sitting out for the Pats, Packers, Chiefs, Bengals, Giants, Browns or Jags.

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