Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday morning updates for Week 15

As a lifelong Dolphins fan who sat in the stands as a kid throughout the 1972 Perfect Season, I was very pleased to see the Cowboys knock off the Saints last night. Okay, Indy; it's your turn. Better rest Peyton & Co. for the last couple of weeks. Don't want them getting injured on your Super Bowl run...

Here are a few updates before the inactive lists start coming out. As always, look for my tweets on those and other late-breaking developments.

Vince Young will most likely play today.

Stafford out, Culpepper in for Lions.

In something of a surprise, Matt Ryan and Michael Turner are both expected to return to the starting lineup for the Falcons today. Though I'm not high on either of them, Ryan's return does make me feel a little more optimistic about Roddy White's chances. But he'll be matched up with Darrelle Revis, so he's still a risky start.

As expected, Steven Jackson is expected to start as usual.

T.O. has missed practice due to illness this week, but he'll suit up and play as normal.

Percy Harvin is expected to play in tonight's game, but nothing is official and anything can happen between now and then. There's some risk associated with starting him (due to the late game), but he's probably fine. Sidney Rice, who's also been slowed by an illness, is also expected to play.

Larry Fitzgerald is a go.

Ochocinco should start for EVERY team today. There's zero chance he won't score and pay tribute to his friend, the late Chris Henry.

Devin Hester will likely sit out today's game, and last week's shooting star, Devin Aromashodu, will take his place in the starting lineup. Still don't like his chances.

Both Brent Celek and Kellen Winslow should be good to go.

As warned earlier this week, Neil Rackers won't play in Detroit. Mike Nugent takes his place.

And last, a fellow fantasy guru has joined the fight against Fidelity for firing its fantasy football-playing managers. He saw my blog, shared my outrage, and decided to do something about it. Check out the Facebook page he created:

Become a fan, and spread the word. Let's make life tough on Fidelity until they do the right thing and re-hire the "Fidelity Four."

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