Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big news from around the NFL week you hear Steve Slaton's arm is tingling, the next he's on IR with a potentially serious spine injury. If you have Chris Brown, don't drop him. If he's available, go get him. Ryan Moats is a desperation play only.

Also joining Slaton on IR this week is Clinton Portis, which comes as less of a shock. Good news for the long-term value of Rock Cartwright, though he's stuck in a committee arrangement. Still like his chances against the terrible Raiders run defense this week.

All signs point to DeSean Jackson returning to action in Week 14 after sitting out last week due to his concussion. Brian Westbrook actually returned to practice today too, but don't count on him playing any time soon.

Kurt Warner hurt his hip on the last play of the game Sunday night -- begging the question "Why was Warner in so late in a blowout?" -- but it doesn't look like it's going to be an issue for Week 14. That said, it figures that Warner is playing Monday night, so you'll have to take your chances if you want to start him.

Matt Schaub dislocated his non-throwing shoulder on Sunday, but he's not expected to miss this week's start against Seattle. Still, he comes with some measure of risk.

Looks like Hines Ward will be a game-time decision on Thursday night. I'm guessing he sits out against the Browns, making Mike Wallace a viable fill-in for this sweet matchup.

Shaun Suisham is out, Graham Gano is in as Redskins K. Just reporting the news, folks.

New Orleans should pick him up just to say thank you.


  1. Hi Ladd,
    I have Mason Crosby with playoffs starting wk 15. Is it worth dropping him for Hartley? I secured a playoff so, next week is not important for me. Our league has a freeze on Add/Drops at the end of this week.
    Crosby has all cold weather games remaining at @Chi, @Pit and Sea at home.

  2. Ladd,

    Roddy White or Miles Austin?

  3. vamsi,

    I dropped Crosby for Hartley for that very reason (weather issues). Go for it.

  4. Joe,

    I like them both, but would take my chances with Smilin' Miles.

  5. Ladd, my hesitation is that this will be my final pickup. There are multiple reports out there that Carney and Hartley are still vying with each other on the starting job.
    Am I thinking too much, or is this his job now.


  6. vamsi,

    Anything can happen, but I'd be shocked if they went back to Carney. But if you are worried about it, then go with a safer pickup. I understand your dilemma. I can't tell you that if Hartley misses a couple on Sunday that he won't be back on the pine. All I know is he was the man until his 4-wk suspension at the beginning of the year, so it's not like he's a newbie to N.O.