Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleeper alert, plus weather worries

Well, Redskins HC Jim Zorn pulled the ole switcharoo on us today, naming Quinton Ganther as his starting RB for Sunday's game, relegating Rock Cartwright back to his change-of-pace and kick return duties. This is really only interesting because the Skins face the pathetic Raiders run defense this week, so any starting back has a chance to prosper.

Ganther has a very limited resume, having spent three uneventful years in Tennessee before getting cut and picked up by the Skins in Week 10 after Portis went down. He was the team's leading rusher last week (8 carries for a healthy 46 yards), and apparently looked pretty good in the process. (Must admit I either didn't see him, or didn't notice. But he was the primary back on the drive that should have nailed the Saints' coffin shut; but Suisham shwmissed and that was that.)

So, if you were counting on Cartwright, better make the switch now. And if you need a sleeper back to take into your first-round battle, Ganther has a primo matchup going for him.

Also, in NYC, Mark Sanchez will sit out Week 14 in favor of Kellen Clemens. While in Detroit, Culpepper gets the start over the injured Matt Stafford (shoulder).

WEATHER ALERT: Bone-chilling temperatures and winds gusting up to 30 mph are forecast for Thursday night's Steelers-Browns game. The chill isn't the problem as much as the winds. If they're really that bad -- and they ranged from 25-39 mph today -- then you simply can't trust anyone involved in the passing games. You probably weren't banking on Brady Quinn & Co. anyway, but I, for one, expected big things from Santonio Holmes. And if Hines Ward sits as expected, Mike Wallace's matchup could have been terrific. Big Ben also would normally be a great start. the weather reports. If the winds arrive as expected, the safe option is to sit Big Ben and his WRs. Rashard Mendenhall, on the other hand, should be huge.