Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday morning updates

Good morning, Fools! Huge day in Fantasyland, as most of us begin our playoffs this week. I've got a bye in one league, but am playing for my life in three others. Let's see what's hopping around the NFL so far. As you know, inactives and other late-breaking developments will be tweeted soon.

Nothing official yet, but looks like both Ryan and Turner are out for the Falcons. I don't like anyone in their uniform not named Roddy White today.

Mike Sims-Walker will START, according to ESPN. That's a big surprise, but if you've got him, you've gotta roll with him vs. Miami's pass D.

Tom Brady (various ailments) should be fine. Start him if you've got him.

Percy Harvin is INACTIVE! Huge news. I guess those migraines are pretty serious. Nice bump for Berrian and Shiancoe. Rice is a must-start anyway.

Mike Bell is probably going to miss today's game, which solidifies my prediction of a big game for Pierre Thomas.

Devin Hester is also expected to sit.

Weather could be a factor for the Eagles-Giants tilt (90% chance of rain and 15-25 mph winds), Raiders-Jags (rain, wind), Panthers-Pats (same), Dolphins-Jags, and Lions-Ravens (100% chance of rain, plus wind). Sheesh...with that much weather, it almost cancels everything out, since so many will be playing in it.

OK, here come the inactives. Look for tweets now.

No significant offensive players missing for the Dolphins, Jags, Packers, Bills, Chiefs or Bengals (other than Bernard Scott). Mark Sanchez is out, as expected, for the Jets, as is Michael Clayton for the Bucs.

Good luck to all Fools!


  1. Ladd,
    Risk it with Sims-Walker or play it safe with D.Henderson?

  2. olzkool,

    I'd risk it with Sims-Walker

  3. With the weather. Would you start Celek or Finley