Sunday, July 26, 2009

Training camp opens! In Buffalo...

Training camp has begun, in Buffalo anyway, which signals the official beginning of quality fantasy football speculation. It's time to get serious now folks, paying attention to key position battles on the various teams, seeing how old faces are faring in new places, and keeping a close eye on the injury front.

For now, only the Bills have opened camp, and as you might expect, all the oxygen is being sucked out of the room by T.O. Expect a tremendous amount of speculation about his impact on team chemistry and Trent Edwards' fantasy stats, but know this: No QB-WR duo accounted for as many TD connections (38) as T.O. and Tony Romo over the last three years. The chances of Owens keeping that kind of pace with Edwards are about as good as Romo replicating that success with Roy Williams. It's just not going to happen. Feel free to keep your popcorn in the pantry.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, keep an eye on Michael Crabtree's contract situation. The rookie from Texas has a reputation as a diva, and it appears his agent is catering to his ego by threatening to hold out for more money than his #10 draft position would justify. Crabtree is the kind of player I could see pushing the team to the brink before agreeing on a number, which could backfire on him and any fantasy owners who draft him this season. Rookie WRs have a hard enough time contributing on a consistent basis when they get into camp on-time. Hold-outs usually cost themselves invaluable preseason reps, which translates into little or no production when the games start counting for real. Drafters beware...

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