Friday, July 24, 2009

Curry traded to Rams. Yawn...

The Lions traded WR Ronald Curry to St. Louis, making the former Oakland underachiever the odds-on favorite to win the Rams' starting job opposite second-year player Donnie Avery.

This news is really an indictment of the Rams' receiving corps more than anything else, that a player of Curry's mediocre credentials (13 TDs in 6 seasons) could waltz into a starting role so easily. After all, he barely had time to unpack in Detroit (he was signed in April) before he was unceremoneously shipped south to a team whose No. 2 slot was being contested by the likes of Keenan Burton and Falcons castoff Laurent Robinson.

We haven't seen anything since 2004 to suggest that Curry can be a reliable fantasy contributor, so don't bother looking his way on draft day.

Rams WRs sure aren't what they used to be...

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