Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Columns, rankings coming soon!

Several of my long-time readers have been asking when my "regular" weekly columns and preseason positional rankings will begin. The answer is: Monday, August 10.

We'll begin with our "Old Faces, New Places" feature, which updates all of the significant player movements since the end of the '08 season, complete with analysis of the move's affect on each player's value.

The following week, we'll examine the 2009 Rookie class. On August 24, it's time to pick our favorite fantasy sleepers and, finally, on August 31, the much-heralded, oft-imitated, never-duplicated 2009 Perfect Draft debuts!

Rankings will be updated at least weekly, but more often than that as necessary, here at the Fantasy Fools blog.

If you haven't already, sign up as a Fools follower, and urge your friends to do likewise. I appreciate your help in making this one of the most popular fantasy football blogs in the blogosphere!

And don't forget to read Sporting News and your local newspaper, assuming it's carrying my column. And if it's not, complain!

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