Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bust alert: Antonio Bryant

Perhaps the most overrated player on this year's preseason draft boards is Tampa Bay WR Antonio Bryant. I'm convinced that if it wasn't for his extraordinary primetime performance in the Bucs' Week 14 thriller against the Panthers (200 yards, 2 TDs, including the awesome one-hander above), he would be considered no better than a fantasy WR3 in '09.

But that one game, seen by so many fantasy enthusiasts, has positioned Bryant in many minds as a worthy WR1. Those owners will be sorely disappointed.

For starters, Jeff Garcia is gone, leaving the QB position in the questionable hands of either Byron Leftwich or Luke McCown. Second, prior to 2008, Bryant has been mediocre at best since he entered the league as a Cowboy in 2002. He even suffered the ignominy of sitting out the entire 2007 season when no team wanted him or his bad attitude.

Recently, Bryant himself has been downplaying his prospects, suggesting to the St. Petersburg Times that he is unlikely to catch as many balls in '09 since the team is planning to spread the ball around more. You have to figure newly acquired Kellen Winslow will be getting a lot of attention.

All of which is to say that Bryant is a very risky proposition and should not be counted upon as a WR1 in any fantasy format. WR2? Maybe...but I will feel more comfortable seeing him in my opponents' lineups than in mine.

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