Monday, July 27, 2009

Something in the water in Baltimore?

What's the deal with Ravens receivers?

First, Derrick Mason abruptly retires. (Or did he?)

Then, the veteran they bring in as insurance, Drew Bennett, retires a couple days after being signed. Bennett -- forever adored or vilified, depending on your perspective -- for his late season, out-of-nowhere heroics in 2004 (593 yards and 9 TDs in the final five games in tandem with Billy Volek in Tennessee) apparently aggravated a knee injury while working out for the team. That convinced him he could no longer play, so he hung up his cleats before we even had a chance to label him a bust.

So who's next in the Ravens WR carousel? Perhaps Joe Horn (roughly 80 by now)...Plaxico Burress...Marvin Harrison...

At this point, the only receiver wearing purple having even a shred of value is Mark Clayton, and then only as an injury or bye week fill-in.

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