Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday morning updates - Week 7

Good morning, Fools.  It's a gorgeous day in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I hope you're somewhere beautiful as well.

I'm excited about this week's slate of games.  Seems like 90% of my players have awesome matchups.  Hoping this will be my second consecutive 3-0 week in my leagues.  Love those weeks...

Here are some updates from around the league to get you ready to dominate Week 7:

Looks like Jake Locker will return today for the Titans.  As mentioned yesterday, that's great news for Nate Washington, who has slumped with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm.  That doesn't mean I'd rush out to acquire Washington, or insert him in my starting lineup over a more attractive option; but it does mean the wideout is once again fantasy-relevant.  Especially for those needing depth at the position.

Brandon Jacobs is still listed as questionable with his hamstring, and he didn't practice Saturday; but few seem to think there's much chance he'll miss the Monday nighter with the Vikes.  That said, anything is possible.  I think the risk is minimal enough to slot him in and take your chances, but I can't promise you won't be burned by an unexpected inactive decision.  If that happens, and you need the points, you could always go for the Hail Mary and pick up either Peyton Hillis or Michael Cox in the 11th hour (assuming your league rules allow that).

Once again, if Percy Harvin is still available in your league -- and, remarkably, he still is in more than 75% of them -- you're much better off grabbing him now than waiting for the waiver wire.  The latest speculation is that he is on pace to play as early as next weekend.

On a similar, but less enticing, note, Jonathan Stewart (ankle) is posed for a return soon as well.  I'll pass on J-Stew, but those of you with DeAngelo may want to think about putting him on the trading block quickly.  Especially if he has a good outing

Any worries about Justin Blackmon (hamstring) suiting up appear to have waned.  He'll be active, and he'll be awesome.

We'll know soon enough if Gronk will play.  You know he's been medically cleared, and he traveled with the team to New York; but the Pats are being their usual coy selves thus far.  Word has it that he's been lighting it up in practice this week, so -- call me crazy -- but I'm starting him over Jordan Cameron today.  You can't tell me Brady won't be so excited that he'll target him less than 10 times today.

As a reminder, both Steven Jackson and Roddy White have already been ruled out by the Falcons, and DeMarco Murray won't play for the Cowboys.

That's it for now.  I'll be tweeting the inactives shortly.  Good luck, Fools!

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