Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Falcons trio takes a devastating blow

That sound you hear is the shriek of the Julio Jones owner down the hall who just realized his best WR is probably gone for the season with a foot injury.

The next sound you'll hear is from Matt Ryan's owner, who just watched the value of his QB decline dramatically through no fault of his own.

Those who've been waiting patiently for Roddy White to get on track can't even take solace, as Atlanta's #2 wideout added a hamstring injury to his medical report on Monday night.  (He's been hobbling on a bum ankle all season).

Will Gonzo be triple-teamed now?

Who will step up to try to fill the yawning void in the Atlanta receiving corps?  Harry "Now You See Him, Now You Don't" Douglas?  Yuck.

Drew Davis, an undrafted project from Oregon that counts four receptions for 40 yards and a TD on his NFL resume, all from his 2012 rookie season?

Kevin Cone, another undrafted second-year player, from Georgia Tech, who has no stats from his rookie campaign and one 12-yard reception on his '13 ledger?

Oh my.  Things are already ugly in "real" Falconsville.  Now the fantasy picture is about to turn very bleak.  They'll have the Week 6 bye to patch together a solution.

Paging Brandon Lloyd???


  1. Didn't I see something about the Browns shopping Josh Gordon? Maybe the Falcons look into that. If they believe their season is worth salvaging that is, maybe the just prefer to tread water the rest of the way and give it another go next season.

  2. Yes, those are the rumors. Gordon seems like a perfect fit, too. As a Matt Ryan and Gordon owner, I would welcome that with open arms.

  3. pick up zack stacy and cut ben tate... or are you not THAT excited about stacy??

  4. I got an interesting perdiciment this week...I have luck,Wayne,Hilton,and Trent vs San Diego this week...should I play all of them... it just seems a little risky my other options are romo,fitz,edelmen for receivers, also have lacy and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start him in my rb2 spot...but wasn' sure if I should flex gio...or go all in with the colts...just in case u were wondering my other receiver who is starting is dez...thanks