Friday, September 13, 2013

Snippets from my 4th & Long column

Here are a few injury updates and other snippets from my 4th & Long column today in Sporting News' Fantasy Source...

Jamaal Charles (quad) is getting in limited practice reps, as you’d expect. But he’ll suit up and be the workhorse as usual on Sunday.

Arian Foster just ain't right. Yet. Those of you that invested a first-round pick (a) better hope his calf heals up quickly, and (b) better have Ben Tate in the wings.

Who could have possibly foreseen failure with Isaac Redman and Felix Jones as your primary RBs? Oh yeah, every fantasy football enthusiast! Why was it so obvious to us, but not to Mike Tomlin? The situation should improve, incrementally, with Jonathan Dwyer back in the fold. But I’m still staying away from any Steeler back not named Bell or Bettis.

Keep an eye on Julio Jones’ knee, which is limiting him in practice this week. Matt Ryan can’t afford to have both his star wideouts limping around.

Larry Fitzgerald is listed as questionable with a bum hammy.  Could go down to a game-time decision.  Better watch this one.  My faith in Carson Palmer this weekend would drop considerably if Fitz sits out (or is limited).

Jermichael Finley started his season off well against the 49ers, but he emerged with a toe injury that could affect his status on Sunday. Watch this one closely and make sure you have a solid backup plan.


  1. Who is the better long term bet in a dynasty league...knowing Peyton won't be in Denver for much longer...if u could get d. Thomas or say a jordy nelson who would u target...if ur receiving corps wasn't very good...but had some trade chips...that could be cashed in...thanks

  2. I'd say Thomas, just because he has more upside. When Peyton is done, Elway will get another solid QB in there