Saturday, September 28, 2013

Exceprts from 4th & Long and other injury updates

Here are a few snippets from yesterday's 4th & Long column in Sporting News' Fantasy Source, as well as some updated injury reports.

Christian Ponder won’t play Sunday due to a rib injury, so it would be wise to avoid all aspects of the Vikings aerial attack this week. 

The above sentence was sponsored by the National Association of Fantasy Writers that Think Their Readers Are Morons.
This could be the weekend that Maurice Jones-Drew makes you glad you drafted him.  Okay, I might be overstating that a bit.  Let’s just say you won’t be cursing him as much against the Colts.  There’s no team he’s enjoyed pounding more over the years.

Ray Rice (hip) is expected back against the Bills, so of course you must return him to your lineup.  Unfortunately for Rice’s owners, though, Bernard Pierce has carved out a continuing, significant role in the Ravens’ backfield.  That will put a damper on both of their values going forward, barring an injury to either. [Update: Rice will be a game-time decision.]

Arian Foster’s owners can relate.

Ahmad Bradshaw made a strong case for retaining carries in Indy's backfield last week after Trent Richardson crashed his party.  But he'll sit out Sunday with a neck injury.

As expected, Joique Bell had his way with the Redskins defense last week.  But Reggie Bush (knee) is coming back this Sunday to square off with the Bears.  Time to silence Bell and plant Bush back in your lineup.  (Sorry…)

Is it too early to declare Mark Ingram (toe) a complete bust?

You have to start Larry Fitzgerald, even with a bum hammy.  But he’ll be running routes on Revis Island, and that usually doesn’t end well for most wideouts.  Even elite ones.

Miles Austin has been ruled out with -- stop me if you've heard this before -- a hamstring injury.

Vincent Jackson (ribs) will probably be a game-time call.  How he and Mike Williams fare with rookie QB Mike Glennon is an even bigger unknown, though optimism reigns supreme in Tampa Bay. 

Andre Johnson (shin) and Julio Jones (knee) are questionable, but all signs pointing to them playing.

If I ever meet Rob Gronkowski, I’m going to call him a tease.  He’ll be a game-time decision yet again.

Apparently no rust formed on Josh Gordon during his two-week layoff.  Jordan Cameron is the real deal.  And Brian Hoyer isn’t afraid to get them the ball. Suddenly, “Cleveland’s passing attack” is no longer a punch line.

This is the last week of Justin Blackmon’s suspension.  I realize where he plays, but he’s available in nearly 90 percent of all fantasy leagues.  You’d be hard-pressed to find another free agent with as much upside.


TO ELI MANNING: You’ve got to be kidding me.  I don’t care if you squander your own fantasy value.  But don’t drag Cruz and Nicks down with you!

TO MONTEE BALL:  If not for your fumble on Denver’s clock-killing final drive, McFadden never would have had a shot at his trash-time TD.  And I’d be 3-0.  You’re in my doghouse, bub.

TO LANCE MOORE:  They told you the regular season started four weeks ago, right?  


  1. New week new questions...first bowe or Wallace...then this week would I be totally crazy to start broyles over fitz...and then last question can only start two of these bowe,Kendall wright,Eddie royal, and santonio Holmes...which way would u go...thanks as always for the advice

  2. Bowe over Wallace. Too soon to trust Broyles over Fitz. Royal and Holmes. Good luck