Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sidney Rice surgery shuffles QB, WR, Top 100 rankings

Breaking news out of Minnesota this morning: Sidney Rice underwent surgery on his hip on Monday, which will cause him to miss half the season (give or take). That's not just bad news for Rice and the Vikings, but for Favre as well.

The news also vaults Bernard Berrian up my rankings quite a bit. He could conceivably be the No. 1 WR option in Minnesota to start the season, if Percy Harvin doesn't get his migraines under control.

In much less impactful news, Chaz Schilens may need knee surgery, which tosses him off the bottom of my Top 60 WRs list. Louis Murphy takes his place, if you must draft an Oakland wideout. But really, who's forcing you?

I've adjusted my QB, WR and Top 100 rankings accordingly. See http://www.scribd.com/document_collections/2579156. Note that I already had Favre quite a bit lower than most experts, so this news only drops him below Philip Rivers (who has his own WR problems).

In any event, if you've already drafted Rice, you should grab Berrian if he's available. If you haven't drafted yet, get Rice off your list (unless you want to take him in the final round and hold him for 1/2 the season; which is a long time).


  1. Oakland Def looks good in the preseason, are the for real?

  2. I wouldn't bet on it. In this case, preseason means absolutely zip.

  3. What about Bess Vs Hartline? Any opinion of Javon Walker?

  4. Per my sleepers column, I obviously like Hartline. And now, with Camarillo gone, that's even more reason to like him.

    My opinion of Javon Walker is he hasn't done diddly since 2006, and the chances of him doing diddly now are slim to none. If you can't grab Berrian, Camarillo is a better option than Javon.