Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Shonn/Knowshon Draft

The Flower Mound Fantasy Football League (FMFFL) held its annual draft over 3 1/2 grueling hours on Sunday night, causing one anonymous new owner to grumble during his popular radio show the next day that he was forced to watch the Emmys on fast-forward afterwards. Um, you tell me: Gay or not gay?

I had the 8th pick in the 10-team league. This is a PPR league that starts 3 RBs (!!!) and does NOT require a TE (they count as WRs). Here's my team:

Round 1: Drew Brees -- I'm all-in with Brees so far this season (have him in 3 leagues, with one still to go). The guy picking 7th took Rodgers, which made my preferred call even easier.

2. Miles Austin -- Almost jumped at Mendenhall, but took my own advice and secured an elite WR before they were gone.

3. Shonn Greene -- I'm not as high on him as many experts are, but he's an absolute steal late in the 3rd round. I love my first 3 picks.

4. Knowshon Moreno -- The Shonn/Knowshon tandem should be strong, assuming Moreno makes it back by Week 1 as expected. One thing we know: He's Denver's only legit back. As long as he's healthy, he's their workhorse.

5. Anquan Boldin-- Thrilled that he's still available here. I actually have two elite WRs now.

6. Ronnie Brown -- Nice value in the 6th and a solid every-week third starter.

7. Hakeem Nicks -- I'm of the belief that Nicks will out-perform Steve Smith in the Giants' WR corps this year so, again, I'm patting myself on the back. (Note: History has shown that the happier I am after a draft, the worse my team is...)

8. Ricky Williams -- You're playing with fire if you draft Ronnie and don't back him up quickly with Ricky. I wasn't sure if I was pulling the trigger too early, but judging by the groans I heard from my competitors, it's a good thing I did. Even without the Ronnie connection, Ricky was the best RB still on the board.

9. Pierre Garcon -- I am very pleased with the way my WR corps is stacking up.

10. Philly D/ST -- The Jets were taken in the early 9th, starting a mini run. The Eagles were 3rd on my draft board, and I made them the 5th unit selected.

11. Thomas Jones -- I don't buy the rumors that he'll start over Jamaal, but I do believe he'll have a significant role in the Chiefs' offense. And he'll be gold if Jamaal takes a dive.

12. Jacoby Jones -- One of my favorite sleepers. Earlier, I had lost Arian Foster when I took Boldin and hoped he'd still be there at the turn. This was the night after Foster ran all over the Cowboys, so his exploits were fresh on peoples' minds. I figured that could be the case with Jones, too, since he hauled in a beautiful TD pass during the game. Probably jumped too soon, but didn't want to make the same mistake twice.

13. Santonio Holmes -- With five terrific WRs already in place, I have the luxury of stashing Holmes away during his 4-game suspension. He'll vie for starting consideration on my team by late October.

14. Mark Sanchez -- Henne and Alex Smith were already gone, so Sanchez will be my Week 10 bye-week sub. He plays the Browns!

15. Larry Johnson -- You know I like his chances of taking over for Portis. The starter's recent ankle injury only increases my confidence.

16. Mason Crosby -- Kickers were already flying, so I decided to grab my guy a tad earlier than usual.

17. Toby Gerhart -- I don't wish AP any ill will, but if...just if...he were to suffer an injury, this pick will pay off big time.

All in all, I'm happy with this team. Love my starting lineup, and I have the strongest top-to-bottom WR corps in my league, bar none. My RB depth is good, not great, which could prove to be an issue at some point in a league where three RBs start each week.

One thing's for certain: If Brees is injured this year, I'm completely screwed.

Thoughts from the Fools?


  1. Looks solid to me. It's strange to see a league that plays three RBs, but I think you addressed that need well all the same.

    I have Ronnie Brown as my second starter, but didn't manage to obtain the Ricky Williams insurance policy. Felix Jones is currently my backup. Would it make sense for me to try to get Ricky Williams by trading away Jones, or does Jones have more value as a backup even though it's to the injury prone Ronnnie Brown?

  2. I have Ronnie Brown as my top RB also, and man I am sweating it. Hope he can produce for me, at least a little.

    I managed to grab Arian Foster at good value, so I am hoping he will evolve into a #1RB (and fast!).

    BTW, I am looking for serious fantasy players to fill out a new 12-team PPR league, drafting tonight (Tuesday, August 31) at 8:30. if you are going to be competitive all season long and are not a schmuck, we'd love to have you.
    Join Here: http://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoin?leagueId=234739
    League ID: 234739
    League Password: smellysocks

  3. I would say hold on to Jones-he may over take Barber this year faster than most think as the startin RB in that offense

  4. Anonymous, I agree that Jones will likely be the primary back in that system, but it's still going to be a committee, no question. If Brown gets hurt, than Williams becomes the work horse and has equivalent value to a healthy Ronnie Brown in my opinion. On the other hand, Jones may have more value than Williams when Brown is healthy, and having Williams as my backup gives me a problem when the Dolphins have a bye, hence my dilemma.

  5. Daniel,

    Stick with Jones. Don't forget, Barber can (and probably will) get hurt, too. And Ricky as well, for that matter.

    Jones is better for you than Ricky under every scenario except the one in which Ronnie goes down, which is but one of many.

  6. Thanks for the advice, Ladd. I think I'll take it!

  7. Looks like a solid draft Ladd. Here's an extreme reach for you - Ryan Torain. He had something before he broke his arm in preseason with the Broncos. He missed the first 8 games of that season, then started the 9th game. That was the year DEN had about 8 RBs go on IR you'll recall. Torain had a nice game, then jacked up his knee in the 4th Q. Damn it, he was going to be my secret weapon that year - picked him off the waiver wire in about the 4th week in anticipation of his return. Shananagans brought him to WASH for a reason, mainly his AARP RB corps. If he makes the 53 man roster, might be someone to keep an eye on. Just sayin.......

    How do I get in that Flower Mound league? I have some skins there, my company manages Wellington not to far from Casa Biro.


  8. Hey Bushwood. I've been watching Torain. He has to leap over a couple other guys first, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's on my free agent pick-up list at some point this season.

    FMFFL league is full, but check back next year.