Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fantasy Rankings posted for TEs, Ks, D/STs and Top 100

The rest of my positional rankings are now posted here: This includes TEs, Ks, D/STs and the Top 100.

Weekly updates will be available every Monday during the preseason.

Happy drafting!


  1. Why did you rate the 49ers def so low?

  2. Ladd,

    In a PPR 14 team league with the 8th pick, I'm looking at Andre Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, or Ryan Matthews. Can you rank them for me in the order you'd choose them?

    Everyone else please feel free to do the same

  3. Anonymous,

    Just not a believer in the 49ers D. Love Singletary, and love Patrick Willis, but don't see greatness anywhere else. Fantasy DSTs have a way of jumping and dropping year-over-year, and I see the 49ers as a prime candidate to drop in '10.

    As for the 8th pick of 14, I'd go with Rodgers if there, then AJ. Depending on how savvy your league is, you might be able to grab Mathews in Rd 2, but probably not. Either way, I'd take the other 2 ahead of him.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Ladd. Matthews willnot be there in Rd 2 I'm sure of it. I watched Wes Welker back in action last night-is he a viable 21st overall (2nd rd.) choice?

  5. Anonymous,

    In a PPR league maybe. But not ahead of the guys I have ranked before him.

  6. Ladd,

    Is Mendenhall a good pick in the first round of a ppr league? I'm drafting 12th out of 14th

  7. Anon,

    Yes, I like Mendenhall late in the 1st. He's becoming a bigger part of the offense, and he has decent hands. Should be huge in the first few games especially, while Big Ben is out.