Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hammy problems for Jamal...Davis on deck?

You haven't released James Davis, have you?

Word out of Cleveland is that Jamal Lewis is dealing with a hamstring injury, on top of the neck problem that bothered him heading into last Sunday's game. Now that Davis is healthy and practicing fully, this could be the week that we finally get to see the dynamic rookie strut his stuff in real game action.

I'm certainly not suggesting you start Davis against Baltimore this weekend, but I am urging you to hang onto him if you were starting to worry that he's not going to pan out. I didn't recommend him as a sleeper because I thought he'd produce right away. But by midseason, you just might be loving him.

HC Gary Kubiak is not happy that Steve Slaton has fumbled three times in 26 carries in the team's first two games. That, on top of poor production overall from the running game, suggests that Slaton had better get his act together lest Chris Brown start seeing more action.

A few guys who missed Wednesday's practice: Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselbeck, Cedric Benson, Mike Bell, Lance Moore, Wes Welker, Chris Henry and DeSean Jackson.

Missing Wednesdays is not necessarily a big deal. But, all things being equal, you'd prefer not to see your guys on that list.

Two who practiced: Pierre Thomas and Marion Barber. Though Barber was not a full participant.


  1. Dear Fantasy Fools,

    I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Cotchery for K Smith straight up. I already have A Johnson, R Williams, M Manningham, S Breaston..did I get a fair deal?

  2. Cleveland (and James Davis) play Baltimore this week (not Philly), an even worse matchup..

  3. With the receivers you have Mike78, I like your trade. I think K. Smith has some upside.

  4. Thanks for the feedback and vote of confidence schraig. In addition, I'm from Cleveland and have to watch the Browns every week. I think J Harrison is the best of the stable and Mangini seems to think so too. Davis will be someday..but no immediate impact this year.