Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fast Willie is back, Garcia is gone

I've been telling you all Summer long that Willie Parker would be an excellent value in this year's draft. I included him in my Top 10 Sleepers column and in several blog postings. I came very close to including him in my Perfect Draft as a 4th round pick, but opted instead for Rivers there.

I've been high on Fast Willie because it's been clear to anyone watching the games that (a) Rashard Mendenhall is quickly becoming a bust, (b) Willie has no problems scoring at the goal-line, and (c) a healthy Parker will be a solid fantasy RB2, if not better.

Now comes this confirmation from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin: "Willie Parker's our runner. Rashard's done a nice job and he's going to get an opportunity to get his touches, but more important than anything else, Willie Parker is our runner."

Tomlin made it clear that the Steelers backfield would not be a RBBC, nor would any other back replace Willie at the goal-line.

If you let him slide by in the 4th or 5th rounds, you'll regret it. Barring injury -- which, by the way, can happen to anyone at any time -- he'll be a Top 15 fantasy back in '09.

Meanwhile, the only surprise (to me) in this weekend's final roster cuts was Jeff Garcia. Looks like the Raiders will sink or swim with JaMarcus Russell this year.

Raiders fans better get their life jackets ready...

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