Monday, June 22, 2009

Where there's smoke, there's Favre

Rumors are swirling that Brett Favre has already signed a contract to play for the Vikings in '09. The retirement-challenged QB's agent, Bus Cook, denies it. But this is the same guy who denied that Favre was considering a return to the NFL at all just a week or so ago.

I'm still not interested from a fantasy perspective, except with regard to Sage Rosenfels' value. The former Texan was likely to start over the inept Tarvaris Jackson, and was worth keeping an eye on during the preseason. If Favre joins the Vikes, Rosenfels' value disappears. His WRs, though, might merit a slight uptick, if only because the aging gunslinger can't help but air it out. And his receivers aren't penalized by Favre's incessant INTs.

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