Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brandon Marshall -- Caveat Emptor

Brandon Marshall is a mess.

He's in the process of recovering from hip surgery. He's been avoiding OTAs during the offseason, most likely due to discontent with his contract (though he doesn't openly admit that). His starting QB has changed from All Pro Jay Cutler to All Mediocre Kyle Orton. And now, rumors are swirling that he's asking for a trade.

Granted, Marshall is so gifted, he could rise above all the noise and still have a banner season. But there are enough red flags here to merit dropping him on your draft board, perhaps by a round or more.

Latest rumor has the Ravens eyeing him. While that normally evokes images of WR Siberia, I could see him meshing nicely with the up-and-coming Joe Flacco. He's no Cutler, at least not yet, but he has much more upside than Kyle Orton. A Flacco-Marshall combo would be a very intriguing development should it come to pass.

Meanwhile, I'm loving Eddie Royal even more. With a stellar rookie season under his belt, and a lot of time to gel with Orton during the offseason, he could be a draft-day bargain.

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  1. Brandon Marshall Led the NFL in DROPPED PASSES last season, with 18. When asked Why he dropped so many passes that were catchable, he said his hand is STILL NUMB from the bone-head injury the previous off-season.
    -bad hip

    -numb hand

    -numb head

    I am DISGUSTED with new coach josh mcDonalds for chasing Cutler out of town, but Brandon Marshall is a court case waiting to happen. Brandon Marshall LOVES him some Brandon Marshall, he gives little or no thought to team play, LOTS of thought to Celebration.