Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last call for Plaxico?

Just when you thought it was safe to put Plaxico Burress back on your draft board, NFL commish Roger Goodell indicated that he is "leaning toward indefinitely suspending" the gun-toting free-agent WR, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. League sources say the commish is peeved that Burress' plea bargain on felony gun charges doesn't include any jail time. So, apparently, if the courts won't dish out any punishment, Goodell will.

It will be tempting to use a late-round pick on Burress, on the off chance that he resolves his issues and winds up on a team where he can again be an impact player. But more likely than not, those owners who select him will end up waiving him a week or two into the season, in favor of a player who can contribute immediately.

Which is to say, don't waste your time. A backup defense or tight end is more likely to add value to your 2009 squad.

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