Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday morning observations -- Week 15

OK,'s cooooooold outside, and it's crunch time! If you're still reading this, then I assume you're still playing -- as all Fools should be -- so let's go set the table for our Super Bowl berths.

First, a little bragging. I'm in the semi-finals in both my leagues, which is cool since they are almost completely different rosters (only David Johnson and the Denver D are common denominators). I also scooped up the Dolphins D this week to start over the Broncos in one league, which paid off nicely last night. I feel so confident of victory in the other league that I'm not concerned about my D.

I hope you're in a similar situation today. Let's see what's up around the league as we prepare to dominate...

Of course, the biggest news of the day is the return of Adrian Peterson. So why isn't anyone in Fantasyland cheering? Could it be his 1.6 ypc average pre-injury this year? Yeah, I think that's it. Still, I managed to scoop him up in one league, and I'll be watching him (safely on my bench) to see how he performs today. If you're thin at RB, or have a dicey flex call, you can take your chances with AP. His touches will depend on how he feels. Just don't expect miracles, even against a bad Colts D.

Aaron Rodgers will give it a go on his balky calf. I hear lots of folks shying away from him and the Packers WRs today because of the weather. But you have to remember that Green Bay is pretty bad at running, even with Ty Montgomery back there. (James Starks is out.) I don't own Rodgers, but I'd be happy to start him unless I had a handful of other top QBs. I am starting Jordy with confidence, but will keep Davante Adams on my bench because I have plenty of better options.

Melvin Gordon will not play, but Ronnie Hillman is expected to team with Kenneth Farrow in the Chargers' backfield. I understand the hopes folks have for Farrow to pick up where Gordon left off, but I just don't see that happening. Start him only if you have no better alternatives.

Darren Sproles and Donte Moncrief will also be sitting out today with injuries.

Alshon Jeffery will play today, but considering the frigid weather and the fact that he caught his first pass from Matt Barkley in practice on Wednesday, is wouldn't start him. BTW, Marquess Wilson has been placed on IR.

Michael Floyd will not make his debut in a Patriots uniform today, and I'd be shocked if he'd be start-worthy next week, either.

Jordan Reed (shoulder) is expected to play Monday night, but there's no telling how involved he'll be. May be best to go with a safer option.

Both A.J. Green and Julio Jones have been declared out already. Terrible timing for those who invested premium picks in either player. I like Taylor Gabriel's prospects today against that sorry 49ers D. In fact, my title hopes in one league rest pretty squarely on the Falcons, with Matt Ryan, Tevin Coleman and Taylor Gabriel all in my starting lineup.

That's it for now. Heading to church in a bit so not sure if I'll be able to get the inactives out on Twitter or be able to answer your late questions. Good luck, Fools. Keep those title hopes alive!

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