Monday, December 19, 2016

It’s the most bittersweet time of the year

It’s usually a good sign if you’re still reading this column so late into the season. Because if you’re like me, the minute you’re eliminated from the fantasy playoffs, the last thing you want to do is wallow in your misery.

Unless you find it therapeutic to grumble about how some pretty-boy quarterback failed to throw a touchdown pass in Denver.

Or about how Drew Brees picked the wrong week to break out of his slump.

Or how Davante Adams dropped two sure touchdown passes, ruining both his day and Aaron Rodgers’.

I entered the weekend fully confident of victory for both of my squads. But my dreams were dashed in one league the minute Zeke Elliott jumped into that Salvation Army bucket. Tom Brady, Latavius Murray, T.Y. Hilton and Tyler Eifert no-showed, while my foe got just enough help from Zeke and others to pull off the upset.

Fortunately, my other team easily dispatched its overmatched opponent, thanks to Fantasy MVP-In-Waiting David Johnson, Matt Ryan, Jarvis Landry and that pesky Dolphins defense. Immortality (in the form of a small bronze plaque on a cheesy Super Bowl trophy) awaits the Fools next weekend.

Indeed, today is bittersweet for the Chief Fool. I had hoped to pull of the rare two-fer, winning two leagues with almost entirely different rosters. But the fantasy gods weren’t feeling overly generous on Sunday.

Instead, I’ll have more time to help with the Christmas shopping, which is just awesome.

Maybe I’ll send Davante some stickum.


To win a fantasy championship, it helps to start with a great draft. But filling gaps in your roster with the occasional waiver-wire acquisition is also important. At this point in the season, the pickings are slim and your best bet is to stick with the players who got you here. But here's a look at one worth considering anyway, and others who would look better in someone else's lineup when you’re playing for all the marbles.

Catch ‘em while you can

Ty Montgomery, RB, Packers. Available in nearly half of all leagues, Montgomery cemented his hold on the Green Bay backfield with his best performance of the season against the Bears. His heavy workload should continue next week as Aaron Rodgers continues to nurse a sore calf.

Don’t be fooled

Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings. According to ESPN, nearly 20 percent of fantasy owners started Peterson this weekend. I hope that’s not true. I also hope those who are competing for a title next weekend won’t make the same mistake. Sadly, the AP we saw on Sunday looked a whole lot like the ineffective player we saw prior to his injury. Blame the Vikings’ offensive line if you like, but Peterson simply can’t be trusted now.

Robert Turbin, RB, Colts. Sure, he vultured two short TD runs from Frank Gore, but that doesn’t suddenly make Turbin roster-worthy. Sunday’s performance is what we in the guru biz call an “aberration,” and you’re unlikely to see it again.

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