Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday is here!

The NFL season kicked off on Wednesday, but it didn't feel real till now.  Welcome back, Fools!  It's a beautiful day (regardless of the weather where you are -- though it's awesome in Dallas, fo sho!). 

Let's get you ready for a winning day of fantasy fooball:

Ryan Mathews is OUT.  (Get used to it, Mathews owners...)  That means Ronnie Brown will get the first call out of the San Diego backfield; but he's expected to share carries with Jackie Battle and/or Curtis Brinkley.  I don't like any of their chances, and wouldn't start Brown unless I was very desperate.

Adrian Peterson is going to be active today and is expected to get a modest workload (10 - 15 carries) against the Jags.  That's not an insignificant number; so while he's certainly not a great option, he's not a sure-fire bench-sitter either.  It all depends on your other options; but there are worse flex plays than AP today.

Don't worry (much) about Arian Foster.  He says he's going to play today, and we believe him.  Ben Tate may get more carries than normal, but not enough to make Foster anything but a sure-fire start against the woeful Dolphins.

Marshawn Lynch (back spasms) will be a game-time decision.  If he starts, you have to play him.  If not, Robert Turbin is a good proxy, especially against the Cards.

MJD is expected to play on third downs and maybe be featured in a series or two. Depending on your other options, Jones-Drew could be a decent flex play.   But Rashad Jennings will be the main man against the Vikes.

There's a lot of speculation about who will be the Redskins' starting RB; but you shouldn't be concerned.  As warned all summer, this has the makings of a classic Shanahanigans quagmire.  Helu, Royster and now even Alfred Morris all have a legit shot at starting.  But who cares about starting?  I care who's going to get the bulk of the carries; including those at the goal line.  And there's simply no way to know until the game is on.  Stay away.  Stay far away...

OK, I'm off to early church now.  Back in time to report on the game-day inactives (via Twitter: and other late-breaking news.

Have an awesome day, Fools!


  1. RB question...have Lynch and MJD (not starting) worried about rolling with lynch, my other options are stevan ridley and rashard jennings, also have turbin. go with one of those guys or stick with lynch? (also starting kevin smith)


  2. I'd go with Lynch, though Ridley would be my next choice. You just never know how much work any Pats RB will get. Lynch should be fine, and you have Turbin just in case he has a setback before game-time. Stick with Beast Mode.