Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ryan Grant out for season; grab Brandon Jackson NOW

FOX Sports just reported that Ryan Grant is out for the season with leg and ankle injuries. Huge blow for the Packers and for Grant, who had never missed a game due to injury in his pro career.

Whether or not you own Grant, Brandon Jackson is a must-get free agent. Go all-in on a guy who is likely to be the primary ball-carrier in one of the league's most explosive offenses.

Green Bay will probably bring in a veteran to help out, but Jackson has the talent to do the job on his own. John Kuhn may get some of the goal-line work, but Jackson is the man to own now.


  1. Ladd

    Somebody just dropped Vincent Jackson, is he worth picking up?

    I currently have Miles Austin, Reggie Wayne,Jacoby Jones, Lee Evans, Dexter McCluster and Mike Williams(SEA). I was thinking of dropping Lee Evans for Jackson, but I don't know if he will he be traded or continue to hold out. Its a 14 team PPR.


  2. This fool picked up Brandon Jackson sunday.

  3. Anonymous,

    Nice move grabbing B-Jax.

  4. Anon,

    OK, things are moving quickly with the announcement that the NFL will let V-Jax play in Week 5 if he's traded. Minnesota (and probably others) are surely trying to work the trade now. Grab him if he's still there.

  5. Need to pick two RB's to start Sunday between Brandon Jackson, Matt Forte, Jonathan Stewart and Ryan Mathews. ppr league. your insight is appreciated.