Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My final draft of the season

Had my final draft of the 2010 season earlier tonight. For the first time in several years (actually, I can't ever remember this happening), I had the #1 overall pick.

In a 10-team league, here's what I got:

1. Chris Johnson - Of course
2. Miles Austin - The #2 WR on my board
3. Matt Schaub - Brees, Rodgers, Manning, Brady gone
4. Anquan Boldin - Great WR2
5. Arian Foster - Finally landed him in a draft
6. Hakeem Nicks - Nice WR3
7. Ahmad Bradshaw - The new starter for the Gmen
8. Visanthe Shiancoe - Finley, Gates, Clark gone before the 6th round
9. Reggie Bush - It's a PPR league, and we have a RB/WR flex, so why not pick a RB/WR hybrid?
10. Mike Williams - Tampa Bay's #1 target
11. Cadillac Williams - Last starting RB on the board
12. Jacoby Jones - You know I love him
13. 49ers D/ST - Best available
14. Alex Smith - Need him one week
15. Neil Rackers - Most top Ks gone; very happy with Houston's man
16. Mike Williams - Auto pick grabbed Seattle's Williams when I dropped out by accident

Not my favorite team ever, but I like my starting lineup. We'll see.

Can't wait for tomorrow night!


  1. Are you going to post your column on who to start and sit?

  2. I'd say probabably the worst of your drafts yet. Why not Celek or Daniels over Shiancoe?

    Bradshaw? starter in a 2 back offense. would like to know your thoughts Ladd

    Also, who would you start a a WR #3

    E Royal at Jacksonville
    D Aromashadu at Detroit
    J Cothery vs Baltimore

    PPR league

    Thanks and good luck this year!

  3. Ladd,
    Thanks as always for the help with draft prep and your fantasy football advice throughout the year! I've been seeking your advice for 5 years now. Had 2 drafts last night. My big money league is falling apart...down from 10 to 6 teams so I'll spare you that roster since every team is stacked and buy-in is reduced. Here's my 10-team league, 3rd pick:
    1. MJD - RB1
    2. Miles Austin - WR1
    3. Roddy White - WR2
    4. Rivers - QB
    5. Jamaal Charles - RB2
    6. J Stewart
    7. Driver WR3
    8. Shiancoe - TE
    9. Vincent Jackson (panicked bc Arian went 1 pick before)
    10. Jacoby Jones (to redeem myself for the last pick)
    11. GB DE (accidental auto pick when I got booted off line)
    12. Ahmad Bradshaw - RB2???
    13. Alex SMith
    14. Larry Johnson
    15. Bironas

    Would love to hear your thoughts if you have the time!


  4. Anonymous,

    Daniels is still not 100%, and Celek was already gone by this pick too.

    I love Bradshaw this year, especially now that he's been named the starter over a disgruntled Jacobs. Jacobs' attitude could land him on the bench even longer now...

    I think I'd go with Cotchery out of that bunch this weekend.

  5. Rick,

    Not much I could complain about with that draft (though I would've taken Rice #3, but that's quibbling). You'll love your Bradshaw pick, and the GB auto-draft was nice. I'm a little concerned about Rivers with his WRs, but this looks like a very solid draft.

    Good luck!