Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday morning observations - Week 2

Good morning, Fools. It's another glorious day in Fantasyland, as we set our sights on continuing our unbeaten streaks, or getting off the schneid. Either way, it's time to dominate.

Let's take a quick stroll across the NFL landscape...

Will he or won't he? That is the question in New England, as Rob Gronkowski is getting closer to his return. According to Ian Rapoport, Gronk is not likely to play, though he will workout pre-game. So anything can happen. But as of now, you'd better make alternate arrangements.

We saw last week that Marty B -- at least while Gronk is out -- is little more than a glorified blocker. So look elsewhere for help. Zach Ertz is out, too.

Jamaal Charles is also expected to sit out another week, letting Spencer Ware test his luck with the tough Texans defensive line.

Demaryius Thomas (hip) should play against Indy.

Another week without Chris Ivory means another week for T.J. Yeldon to try to distinguish himself. I expect more mediocrity today, though he has a decent matchup.

In Miami, Jay Ajayi is out of his coach's doghouse and will suit up, though Arian Foster (hamstring) will surely carry the bulk of the workload against the Pats. DeVante Parker is expected to make his 2016 season debut, which will help the Fins, but not Kenny Stills.

Sam Bradford will also make his debut as the Vikings QB today. Again, very glad I'm not invested in the Minnesota passing offense. (Or any part of their offense, for that matter; though AP is welcome on the Fool's team any time.)

Russell Wilson (ankle) will suit up. I don't own him in either of my leagues; but if I did, I would start him, unless I had another elite QB like Brees, Palmer, Rodgers, etc...

One of the things I'll be looking for today is how the targets are meted out in San Diego, now that Keenan Allen is gone. I expect to see a much heftier workload for Antonio Gates, and for Danny Woodhead to prosper as well. I know lots of folks are singing Tyrell Williams' praises, but I think Travis Benjamin is the wideout most likely to benefit from Allen's absence. But, as I said, we'll see.

As a side note, Brandin Cooks and DeAngelo Williams were the top fantasy players of Week 1. Matt Forte already has laid claim to one spot this week. Who do you think stands on the podium with him? Tweet me your predictions.

That's it for now. Inactives and other late-breaking news to follow via Twitter (@ladd_biro). Go get 'em, Fools!

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