Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 15 Heroes & Zeros

This was a great week to start…

Nick Foles, Eagles – Got off to a slow start, but finished with 428 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT and 41 yards rushing.
Kirk Cousins, Redskins – Passed for 381 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INTs in his first start of the season.
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Titans – Passed for 402 yards, 4 TDs and 2 INTs, and ran for 22 yards.
Matt Flynn, Packers – It wasn’t pretty for a while there, but he eventually took advantage of the Cowboys for 299 yards, 4 TDs and an INT.
Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins – Accumulated 312 passing yards and 3 TDs, with nary a blemish.

Jamaal Charles, Chiefs – Dominated the fantasy day with 8 receptions for 195 yards and 4 TDs plus 20 rushing yards and a 5th TD.
Matt Asiata, Vikings – The 3rd-stringer ran for 51 yards and 3 TDs, plus 3 receptions for 15 yards.
Rashad Jennings, Raiders – Ran for 91 yards and 2 TDs plus 3 catches for 12 yards.
DeAngelo Williams, Panthers – Ran for 81 yards and caught 3 passes for 87 yards and a TD.
Eddie Lacy, Packers – Rumbled for 141 yards and a TD and reeled in 4 passes for 30 yards.

Antonio Brown, Steelers – Notched 5 receptions for 66 yards and a TD and, in some leagues, got credit for his punt return TD as well.
DeSean Jackson, Eagles – Caught 10 passes for 195 yards and a TD.
Greg Jennings, Vikings – Pulled in 11 passes for 163 yards and a score.
Dez Bryant, Cowboys – Reeled in 11 passes for 153 yards and 1 TD.
Andre Caldwell, Broncos – Collected 6 balls for 59 yards and 2 TDs while Welker sat out.
Julian Edelman, Patriots – Was gold in PPR leagues, hauling in 13 passes for 139 yards and a TD.
Pierre Garcon, Redskins – Took 7 passes 129 yards, including a TD.
Kendall Wright, Titans – His 150 yards on a dozen receptions were sweet in PPR leagues.

Justin Tucker, Ravens – Nailed 6 out of 6 FGs, including the 61-yard game winner, accounting for all of his winning team’s scoring.

Seahawks – Collected 4 sacks, 6 turnovers and shut out the Giants.
Chiefs – Coughed up 31 points but also accumulated 7 turnovers and an INT return TD.  

This was a great week to play against…

Eli Manning, Giants – Passed for 156 yards, no TDs and a whopping 5 INTs.
Joe Flacco, Ravens – Just 222 passing yards with no TDs or turnovers.

Shane Vereen, Patriots – Disappointed with 13 rushing and 8 receiving yards.
Andre Brown, Giants – Combined for 26 total yards.
Bobby Rainey, Bucs – Another down game with 27 rushing yards and a 3-yard catch.

Stevie Johnson, Bills – Caught a 4-yarder.
Hakeem Nicks, Giants – He had a 5-yarder.
Andre Johnson, Texans – His 4 receptions produced just 18 yards.
Steve Smith, Panthers – Just 3 receptions for 20 yards.
Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs – His team scored 56 points but he was limited to 24 yards on 3 catches.
Jeremy Kerley, Jets – Caught a 25-yarder.
Golden Tate, Seahawks – 2 receptions went for 25 yards.
Victor Cruz, Giants – So did his two, before he left with a concussion.
Riley Cooper, Eagles – Just 29 yards on 4 receptions.
Michael Floyd, Cardinals – Limited to 33 yards on 2 balls.
Eric Decker, Broncos – Only 42 yards on 2 catches.
Anquan Boldin, 49ers – He had 43 on 3 receptions.

Jimmy Graham, Saints – The game’s best was held to 25 yards on 2 catches.
Antonio Gates, Chargers – His 2 catches for 23 yards were 2-for-23 more than teammate Ladarius Green had.
Dennis Pitta, Ravens – Only 24 yards on 2 receptions.
Jordan Cameron, Browns – Picked up just 3 passes for 23 yards, mostly in garbage time.


  1. Ladd!
    good morning… thanks largely to your column i am in my 3rd straight championship game in as many years.
    started reading you 3 years ago..
    before that (my first two years) i was 10th of 10

    question for the championship...
    L Bell or Z Stacy?

    i am quessing you say Bell due to buccaneers stout run D against Stacy

  2. Yes, Bell. Good luck, and thanks for reading!