Sunday, December 22, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday morning updates

Greetings, title-bound Fools!  Just returned from church, so running a bit late.  But it's a big day for you and me, so let's get to it…

The inactives have already begun, so we already know that the following are out today:  Aaron Rodgers, RG3, E.J. Manuel, Case Keenum, Jonathan Stewart, Wes Welker, Jordan Cameron, Garrett Graham, Kenny Britt, Stevie Johnson, Daryl Richardson and Tavon Austin.

Joe Flacco is expected to give it a go on his injured knee.  You probably don't want to start him, but it's good news for those with Torrey Smith.

Adrian Peterson will play, as will Toby Gerhart.  If you have AP, you start AP.  It's that simple.

In something of a surprise, MJD is suiting up.  No telling how much of the workload he'll receive, but those of you banking on Jordan Todman now must re-think that decision.  Unless you're really desperate, I would sit Todman.  Hard to be real excited about MJD either.

It's not official yet, but it looks like Carson Palmer will play after all against the Seahawks.  Still wouldn't start him.

Weather alerts: The snow is coming down big time in Green Bay (avoid Steelers and Packers kickers).  Thunderstorms are expected in the first half of the Patriots-Ravens game.  The Dolphins and Bills will be dealing with wind and rain (but not snow).  Same for the Cowboys and Redskins and Bears-Eagles tonight.

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