Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chief Fool featured in "Fantasy Football Index"

Can you feel it?  Can you smell it?  Can you taste it?

It's almost time again...  Time to emerge from hibernation, splash water on our faces and get back down to business.  Fantasy football season is almost here!

I know this because I just received my first 2013 Draft Guide in the mail.  And it just so happens I'm in it.  I was asked to join a group of 20 fellow "experts" for the 23rd annual Fantasy Football Index Experts Poll.

The intro article entitled "Unconventional picks win it all" discussed the tendency of many experts to play it safe when it comes to ranking players.  And, true to form, most of the picks you'll find from the others read like your standard ADP list. 

Last year, Scott Sachs of Perfect Season Fantasy Football, made so many unconventional picks that he won the 2012 Experts Poll.  Makes sense.  After all, if you pick with the crowd, you finish with the crowd.

So it should come as no shock to you to read this paragraph:

Newcomer Ladd Biro is No. 2 in [this year's] outlier count.  He's the highest or lowest on 30 different players.  "If you're not going to stick your neck out, what's the point of making projections?" Biro says.  "Otherwise, you're just following the pack."  Eight experts have fewer than 10 outlier picks. 

Among my "outlier" picks: Adrian Peterson at RB4, lower than anyone else, right behind C.J. Spiller.  Colin Kaepernick at QB15.  Dez Bryant at WR1. 

If you want to see the rest, you'll have to pick up the magazine on your newsstand (available as of yesterday) or by ordering online at 

My thanks to Ian Allen for inviting me to participate this year.  Hopefully my picks -- made nearly two months ago now -- won't come back to haunt me.   (FYI, so far so good.  I boldly predicted that Aaron Hernandez would finish the season as the TE2.  I just knew he was gonna have a killer year.)

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