Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday morning updates -- Week 15

Good morning, Fools.  Got a late start as church ran a little long, so I did my tweeting before blogging.

Here's a quick run-down on what you need to know for this all-important weekend of playoff football:

RG3 is inactive, so Kirk Cousins takes the helm for the Redskins.  While he looked good in limited action last week, I would be very wary of counting on Pierre Garcon with Cousins under center and Browns shutdown CB Joe Haden shadowing the wideout.

In fact, I swapped out Garcon with Dez Bryant, now that he is definitely playing.  With Steelers CB Ike Taylor out, I like his chances today against a reeling pass defense.  Dez isn't postponing finger surgery to be a decoy.  I'm trusting him in my playoff lineup.

Darren McFadden is fully expected to play later this afternoon, and I'm counting on him to excel against the lowly Chiefs.

Ahmad Bradshaw is out, leaving the backfield in the hands of last week's shining star, David Wilson.  I like his chances against the Falcons' vulnerable run defense.

Also, Hakeem Nicks is active and should be in your starting lineup, unless your other options are truly elite.

Ditto the above re: Roddy White.

Danny Amendola will play for the Rams, and he has a nice matchup with the Vikings.  But he's no sure thing (he caught one 38-yard pass in Week 12 last time he tried to come back), so I would only risk him in your lineup if you're playing in a PPR league.

Jordy is inactive again.  Hopefully this is the week Greg Jennings returns to form.

Sidney Rice should play in Toronto against the Bills, but I'd be very wary.
You know Dwayne Bowe has been placed on IR, so that settles that issue.

That's it for today.  Good luck to all Fools!

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