Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The rankings are in!

I have just completed my first round of positional rankings for the 2012 season.


As always, I will update the rankings weekly until the regular season begins.  These are intended to help guide you as you prepare for your all-important draft.  Please remember to read the information at the top of each set of rankings.  They are NOT a recommended draft order!  You can find ADPs (average draft positions) on other sites to help you figure out where each player is typically picked. 

My rankings are an attempt to project where each player will rank within his position at year's end.

You can find Round 1 of my QB, RB, WR, TE and Top 100 rankings here: http://www.scribd.com/laddbiro

I'll have the kickers and defense/special teams ready this time next week.



  1. Caveat Draftor - LOL

    Is Ben Tate the 2005 version of Larry Johnson? Should Foster go down, oh how sweet it could be. I have Tate as a keeper in the 18th round. Will have to hustle for RBs at this year's draft, but how sweet it could be. Yes, I owned LJ in '05 and ran the tables.

    Looking forward to reading your stuff again this year Ladd.


    1. Anything can happen but, of course, Fantasy Fools does not endorse the practice of wishing injury on any NFL player...

  2. Ladd,
    I can start a 2nd QB in the felx spot. I have Romo as the primary QB but do I play: J Cutler as my Flex or go with Kevin Smith?

    Thank you and good luck this year to you and all the fools!