Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday morning updates - Week 15

Good morning, Fools. Here we go again, and this time it's for keeps -- either Week 1 or Week 2 of the postseason for virtually every fantasy league. We've gotta get it right today, folks. Let's see wassup around the league...

First off, I hope you started V-Jax and/or the Chargers defense Thursday night, as I did. I'm up 47-1 already in one of my leagues, thanks to those decisions, and the play of Vernon Davis by my opponent. I'm not counting my winnings yet, but I feel a lot better in my shoes than his going into today's matchups...

You know Aaron Rodgers has been ruled out. Fortunately they didn't leave us hanging all day. Now you know you need to start someone else this afternoon. You sure don't want to rely on Matt Flynn outdoors at night against the hot Patriots defense.

And I wouldn't touch Jay Cutler on Monday night outdoors on the U of Minnesota's rock-hard turf. That's just asking for a concussion against the Vikings' pass rush. Temperature at game-time is expected to be in the mid-teens.

Rookie Joe Webb will start at QB for the injured Favre, who is already officially listed as out. Webb is listed as a WR in some leagues (including Yahoo's), so while I would never consider starting him as a QB, he's an intriguing option if you can list him as a third WR (or flex play). He could toss or run for a TD or two, which would make him one of the stronger WR plays of the weekend. Just saying...

The Chiefs are apparently planning to roll with Matt Cassel today. While I wouldn't want him in my lineup (no telling how long he lasts less than 2 weeks removed from an appendectomy), I'd feel a lot better about starting Bowe if Brodie Croyle isn't the QB.

The Tim Tebow Era will begin for the Broncos today. Kyle Orton (ribs) may be active, but Tebow is expected to get his first career start. No telling how he'll fare in the Black Hole, but I suspect he'll have more rushing TDs than passing scores over the next couple of weeks. Again, with a new QB at the controls, all bets are off for the Broncos' slumping receivers, including Brandon Lloyd. Frankly, I wouldn't have them much higher on my pecking order even if Orton was playing. Remember that Oakland shellacked Denver 59-14 in Week 7.

The Rex Grossman Era will begin today for the Redskins, with McNabb now relegated to 3rd string. (John Beck is No. 2.) Don't be surprised if the Beck Era begins next week in Washington.

It's John Skelton vs. Jimmy Clausen in Carolina today. Zzzzzzzz....

Signs are pointing to Chris Ivory sitting out the Ravens game with a bad hammy. That would leave Pierre Thomas as the primary rusher, with Reggie Bush presumably getting more touches as well. If it wasn't for the tough matchup on the road, I'd be intrigued by Pierre. But as it is, I think it's awfully risky.

Marion Barber will probably not play today, which helps uncomplicate the Dallas RB rotation. Felix Jones is a decent play, with Tashard Choice a bit of a wild card. We just don't know how many touches he will receive.

DeSean Jackson (foot) will play today as usual.

Dallas' Roy Williams (hamstring) is not expected to be active. But no official word yet.

Recently acquired WR Kevin Curtis is expected to be active for the Dolphins today. No, you shouldn't pick him up. Just thought I should let you know.

Heath Miller is out again due to his concussion.

Joe Nedney was just placed on IR. Jeff Reed will kick for the 49ers for the remainder of the season.

It's going to be wet in Oakland, and freezing in Cinci, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, Minneapolis and New England. But it doesn't look like the weather will play as big a role in the outcomes of this weekend's games as it did last week.

Okay, that's it for today's blog updates. Be sure you're following my tweets for the game-day inactives and other breaking news, which will begin shortly. Good luck to all Fools!

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