Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moon over Minnesota

While today's news isn't entirely surprising, it is nonetheless shocking.

The Pats have dealt Randy Moss back to his original club for a 3rd round draft pick. The Vikings are negotiating a contract extension for their once and future star, and they obviously intend to get him in the starting lineup by this weekend.


As great a move as this is for Minnesota and Brett Favre, in particular, it seems like a huge loss for the Patriots and Tom Brady. I don't care how reliable Julian Edelman is, or how much promise they see in Brandon Tate, neither comes close to Randy Moss' explosiveness.

This is bad news for Brady's owners, and possibly even worrisome news for Wes Welker's owners, who will likely see their star receiver blanketed by opposing defenses who no longer have to double-up on Moss.

Tate may be the biggest beneficiary, since he's likely to step into Moss' deep-threat role. And I wouldn't think he'd draw two defenders on most plays. Edelman should likewise be worked into the offense more. Aaron Hernandez's rise up the TE rankings should also get a boost.

Obviously, Favre is the big winner in this blockbuster trade. Moss gives him the play-making target that was lost when Sidney Rice went down. And just imagine what Minnesota's offense will look like down the stretch when Rice returns. Moss, Rice, AP, Harvin, Shiancoe. Wow...

While I'd rather have Brady throwing to Moss than the ancient Favre, even Moss gets a slight uptick in that he won't have a bye week this season. Though I suppose you could count his Week 4 goose egg as worse than a bye...

Anyone still holding onto Bernard Berrian should dump him immediately.

Meanwhile, those wondering if Dwayne Jarrett would be a good pickup while Carolina's Steve Smith misses time with an ankle injury should look elsewhere. Jarrett was arrested for DUI (again), and summarily dismissed by the Panthers. Bonehead.


  1. Speaking of Brady, I have him on bye this week and my backup is Orton. Orton is facing the Ravens this weekend, which worries me. Should I start Orton or pick up another QB? I was thinking maybe picking up and starting Sanchez. Thanks, Ladd!


  2. I think this should increase Favre's fantasy value significantly now that he has an added deep threat. Defenses were keying on Visante, and Berrian just wasnt able to make plays.

  3. Ladd,

    once was a injury problem at running back, is now the opposite. I have C Bensos, M Bush, R Torain and L Betts....which 2 do I start?

    Please help-your advice is always appreciated!

  4. So, Fool, do i start Addai or play a receiver in the flex spot? also, which receiver is a better play this week, Desean Jackson, NY Steve Smith or Brandon Lloyd?

    Thanks for your sage advice.

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  6. rjfrank,

    No way! Stick with Orton. You know they can't run against the Ravens, so Orton will have to keep flinging it like crazy. He's been solid against tough opposition all year. Roll with him.

  7. Anon,

    Benson for sure, then either Bush or Torain. Assuming McFadden is out, I like Bush's chances better. Torain carries more risk, in his first start against a good run D.

  8. Anon,

    You can never sit a guy like D-Jax, despite his QB issues. So he's your top WR.

    I like Addai a lot vs. KC, and would start him over either of the other WRs this week, though I'd be tempted to go with S Smith in a PPR league, given how bad the Houston secondary is.

  9. HI Ladd,
    Should I pickup Witten on waivers by dropping Moeaki? Does he have longer term upside vs Witten? I have Celek as my other TE.

  10. Anon,

    I like Moeaki, but not more than Witten. If he's available, grab him.