Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mid-week updates from around the league

While I stand by my recommendation to pick up Ryan Moats this week -- especially if you're a Steve Slaton owner -- head coach Gary Kubiak has declined to indicate which back would start going forward. In fact, it sounds like a full-fledged RBBC at this point (including Chris Brown), as it's much more likely that Kubiak was sending a message to Slaton after his latest fumble rather than completely throwing in the towel on such an obviously gifted player. Moats had a career game against the Bills, but Slaton has several skins on the wall beginning with his stellar rookie season. And fortunately, fumblitis is a condition that can be cured.

Looks like another committee may be forming in Detroit, where Maurice Morris is encroaching on Kevin Smith's once-undisputed territory. Though his combined rushing and receiving stats were decent, Smith was generally underwhelming against the Rams on Sunday, while Morris looked stronger. I wouldn't bother using a roster spot on Morris, but Smith's owners might want to look for a way to trade him before his value deteriorates further. After all, the only thing worse than relying on a Lions tailback is relying on one who shares carries. Not to mention Smith is nursing a shoulder injury that kept him out of today's practice.

Edgerrin James was quietly released by the Seahawks.

Willie McGahee has disappeared from the Ravens offense. Look for him on milk cartons around the Baltimore area soon.

Jamal Lewis said he will retire after the '09 season. Funny, I thought he already had.

Brian Westbrook is expected to practice today and will probably be back in action against the Cowboys on Sunday.

Anquan Boldin is expected to miss Week 9 at Chicago with his ankle injury, according to the Arizona Republic. Hear that, Steve Breaston owners?

No telling yet about Megatron. I'm cautiously optimistic we'll see him back this weekend in Seattle, since he practiced fully with the Lions' first-team offense today.

Chris Chambers was dumped by the Chargers, and immediately picked up by the Chiefs. Though I certainly wouldn't recommend acquiring him, I won't be surprised if Chambers is starting opposite Dwayne Bowe within a few weeks.

Joel Dreessen will be Houston's starting TE for at least the next few weeks, following the season-ending injury to Owen Daniels and arthroscopic surgery just performed on rookie James Casey, who is expected to miss 2-3 weeks. Honestly, I have no clue if Dreessen has any kind of chemistry with Matt Schaub, so consider him the definition of a flier. For what it's worth, his annual reception totals since his 2005 rookie year are as follows: 5, 0, 4 (including 2 TDs!), 11 and 5.

After John Carney missed a FG in his second straight game, you have to think Garrett Hartley's return is imminent. If you own Carney, be prepared.

Billy Cundiff has been released, allowing Phil Dawson to resume his role as the Browns' lone kicker. Yeah, I what?


  1. Would you start Cutler or Flacco?

  2. Love the posts,always helpful!
    I need help with WRs this week
    2 out of 3: Ochocinco, Sims-Walker, Crabtree
    I also have Welker (no-brainer)

  3. Snapper,

    Tough call, but I'd go with Cutler this week.

  4. Seth,

    Ocho is an every-week starter just like Welker. So it comes down to Sims-Walker (one of my 5 featured starters this week) and Crabtree (my flier). Go with Sims-Walker, but don't be surprised if all your guys do very well.