Sunday, October 11, 2009

Watch Sunday morning tweets

As usual, I'll be tweeting all the inactives for the noon games as soon as they're available. However, I am out of town for a wedding and will not be planted in front of the Red Zone Channel during today's games. So...I won't be tweeting all the scoring. I'll do my best to tweet the afternoon game inactives, but no promises there as I'll be at a lake house and internet access is spotty.

Inactive reports haven't yet been released, but here's what I've heard so far:

Not playing: Matthew Stafford, Marc Bulger, Felix Jones, Roy Williams, Joey Galloway, Phil Dawson

Most likely playing: Eli Manning, Daunte Culpepper, Jamal Lewis, Cedric Benson, Joseph Addai

Also, Jerricho Cotchery doesn't play until Monday night, but it's not sounding good. Don't count on him being in uniform.

More to come shortly via Twitter (

Have a great day, and good luck to all the Fools!


  1. Hi Ladd:
    Would appreciate your advice on a trade:
    • I have Desean Jackson
    Trading for:
    • L Tomlinson

    My League is heavily weighted towards Points per catch 1 point per catch 1 point per ten yards

    My RB's are Chris Johnson, Ryan Grant, J Jones, Beanie Wells, L Maroney and D Ward

    My WR are T Housh,Desean J, A Byrant, P Garcon

    * My concern is J. McClain a 1 week wonder.
    * And is LT healthy?

  2. craig,

    Not sure who you're referring to re: J. McClain. Do you mean Maclin? If so, you can see today's column for my thoughts about him.

    Anyway, I would NOT trade Jackson for LT. First off, you can't afford to lose Jackson from that WR corps, which is already thin. Second, LT has been terrible so far and there's no telling when/if he'll turn it around.

    Meanwhile, I would drop Maroney or Ward and pick up Maclin, or one of the other young wideouts I recommend in today's column.