Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mid-week updates from around the NFL

Big news today, as ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Browns have traded Braylon Edwards to the Jets for Chansi Stuckey, a special teamer and undisclosed draft picks. I suggested trading or outright dropping Edwards in my column on Monday. Does this change things? Yep. At least for now. The prospect of Braylon starting over with a promising young QB in a better offensive situation than that in Cleveland all make him worth hanging onto. Though I don't think a move to NY can necessarily fix his terrible case of the dropsies. He could easily disappear like Roy Williams did when he moved from Detroit to Dallas, or quickly develop into a reliable target for Sanchez. (Having a hard time coming up with an analogy for the latter. Does that mean something?)

This probably won't affect Jerricho Cotchery's value in the short term, but it could over the long haul.

This also means I need to re-think my recommendation to ignore Mohamed Massaquoi, though I still have a hard time getting excited about any WR in Cleveland. Not to mention Stuckey will likely break into the starting lineup right away. I suppose Massaquoi is now worth a flier, but don't rush out to acquire Stuckey.

Looks like both Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook will be back this weekend, though Westy likely faces a rotation situation with rookie LeSean McCoy.

Eli Manning is day-to-day this week with his heel injury. For his sake, and that of Steve Smith and Mario Manningham, let's hope he can go. Apparently the plantar fasciitis is very painful, but not a structural problem.

Felix Jones remains doubtful for Week 5. As is Roy Williams.

As reported via Twitter yesterday, Darren McFadden will miss 2-4 weeks with his knee injury. Michael Bush and Justin Fargas will split the carries in his absence. Again, I'd just as soon avoid that backfield, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with the more powerful Bush, who would likely see the goal-line carries if the Raiders ever actually get there again.

Correll Buckhalter will likely be out at least this week with a high ankle sprain. That's great news for Knowshon Moreno owners.

The AP is reporting that Michael Crabtree and the 49ers have finally agreed to terms on a 6-year contract. Apparently the rookie isn't as stupid as some have suggested, since he didn't follow through with his veiled threat to sit out the season. I don't recommend taking up a valuable roster spot with Crabtree unless and until he demonstrates an ability to contribute on the field. Though he obviously is overwhelmingly gifted, he has had virtually zero interaction with his QB and can't possibly know the offensive scheme. More than likely, he'll be worthless from a fantasy perspective until the 2010 season.

Garrett Hartley has served his four-game suspension and is now eligible to return to the Saints. The assumption is the team will release John Carney during the bye week, but there's no certainty yet on that point. If you have Carney and need another K for this week's games, it's a reasonable risk to release him. Even if New Orleans opts to stick with him, you should be able to find another decent kicker to fill the spot.


  1. I have an opportunity to pick up Garrard, but would have to waive Cutler. Would this be a good mover or they are pretty much the same in value?

  2. I think Cutler has more value -- equal value at worst -- so I wouldn't make that trade.

  3. What about trading Santonio Holmes for Darren Sproles? I have good receivers and good depth, but my running backs are Portis, R. Grant, J. Jones and M. Bush. I need help with my running game.

  4. Jim,

    I think that's probably a good trade if, as you say, you have good WR depth. Then wait till Julius has a good week and see what you can get for him.

  5. Should I start Tashard Choice or Cedric Benson?

  6. Who would you start at WR2 and WR3 (WR1 being Randy Moss) between these three: Berrian@ STL, Santana Moss @ Carolina, or Kevin Walter @ ARI? Thanks!

  7. I have a pretty good stable of RB's and I'm a little weak at WR. So what do you think about trading Knowshon Moreno for Santonio Holmes?

  8. Snapper,

    I'd have to stick with Benson, even though he has a tougher matchup. He doesn't have to share carries, and he did fine against Pittsburgh, another solid D, in Week 3.

  9. Joe,

    No, I wouldn't trade Moreno (who finally has the Denver backfield to himself) for Holmes. If you're determined to trade him, you should be able to get more value than that in return.

  10. Ladd,

    I just saw that Fred Taylor is out for a few weeks. Both S.Morris and Maroney are available. Which is better? should I start one of these guys over Choice?

    Thanks Steve in Plano

  11. Steve,

    Check my most recent post. Sounds like Freddy is done. Morris is probably the better pickup, but it's hard to get excited about him. Don't forget Kevin Faulk is in the mix there as well, and you never know from drive to drive -- much less week to week -- which Pats RB is worth a damn. If any.

    I would stick with Choice over any of 'em.

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