Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 8 Heroes & Zeros

This was a great week to play…

Derek Carr, Raiders – Had a monster outing with 513 passing yards and 4 TDs without an INT, plus 13 rushing yards and a fumble.
Tom Brady, Patriots – Exacted revenge on the Bills, passing for 315 yards and 4 TDs, without a turnover.
Aaron Rodgers, Packers – Passed for 246 yards and 4 TDs, plus 60 rushing yards, without a turnover.
Blake Bortles, Jaguars – Wasn’t very good until garbage time, but finished with 337 passing yards, 22 rushing yards and 3 TDs.
Carson Palmer, Cardinals – Had 2 turnovers, but his 363 passing yards and 3 TDs were solid.
Dak Prescott, Cowboys – Passed for 287 yards and 2 TDs, plus 38 rushing yards and a TD, with a rare INT.

Jonathan Stewart, Panthers – Rumbled for 95 yards and 2 TDs, and caught a 25-yard pass.
Matt Forte, Jets – Scored twice (again) while rushing for 82 yards, and caught 2 passes for 16 yards.
Jordan Howard, Bears – Raced for 153 yards and a TD and caught 4 passes for 29 yards. Against the mighty Vikings, no less.

Amari Cooper, Raiders – Pulled down a dozen passes for 173 yards and a TD.
J.J. Nelson, Cardinals – Caught 8 passes for 79 yards and 2 TDs.

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots – Caught 5 passes for 109 yards and a score.
Tyler Eifert, Bengals – Reeled in 9 passes for 102 yards and a TD. He’s back.

Broncos – Amassed 4 sacks, 3 INTs and returned an INT for a TD.
Panthers – Collected 8 sacks, 1 INT, a fumble and a TD by returning that fumble.

This was a great week to play against…

Cam Newton, Panthers – Passed for 212 yards, and ran for 43 yards, but no TDs (and no turnovers).
Russell Wilson, Seahawks – Tossed 253 yards, and ran for 11, but didn’t score and threw a pick.

Chris Ivory, Jaguars – Doesn’t belong on any rosters now, after posting a total of 12 yards.
Spencer Ware, Chiefs – Only 19 rushing and 28 receiving yards before leaving injured.

Michael Floyd, Cardinals – He was active, but never made the box score.
T.Y. Hilton, Colts – Managed just a 20-yarder after sitting out hurt most of the game.
Julio Jones, Falcons – Turned 3 passes in 29 yards.
Will Fuller, Texans – Finished with a 23-yarder.
Cameron Meredith, Bears – With Jay Cutler at QB, the rookie caught a 24-yarder.
Marvin Jones, Lions – Caught just 3 passes for 33 yards.
DeAndre Hopkins, Texans – Just 44 yards on 4 balls.

Greg Olsen, Panthers – Caught an 11-yarder. And that’s it, folks.

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