Sunday, August 30, 2015

Round 2 of Positional Rankings now posted

I know some of you were disappointed that my first round of positional rankings excluded my traditional "Fool's Take" commentary. Sorry about that...just didn't have the time to do it right last week.

But all is well in the world now, Fools. I've just posted my Round 2 updates, complete with my take on every QB, RB, WR and TE. Never have provided commentary on the Ks and Defenses, and still didn't.

The Top 100 is up as well.

As I noted in my commentary, I did NOT drop Randall Cobb in this round of rankings because it currently appears that his shoulder injury is not serious. Best I can tell, they think he'll either be back for Week 1 or possibly just miss the opener. That's not enough to adjust. But if the news gets worse, obviously I'll ratchet him down. Adams will also come up a bit. But the biggest loser if Cobb is out for an extended period would be Aaron Rodgers. No Jordy, no Cobb means the Fool wouldn't dare pin my team's future on Rodgers without his top two weapons.

Hopefully none of you Fools have drafted before tonight, for that very reason. Week 3 always produces an important injury or two, because the starters play more. You should always schedule your drafts after this weekend.

There are two more games today, involving the Texans, Saints, Cardinals and Raiders. If you're drafting tonight, be sure to keep an eye on those games (HOU-NO is early).

And be sure to use my Round 2 rankings (dated 8/30/15) from now on. They're available here for purchase ( at just 99 cents each. Such a deal! If you haven't bought them yet, I'd appreciate if you would. If you purchased Round 1, you should be able to download the update at no additional cost.

Round 3 should be up by next Saturday, after the final preseason games.

My Perfect Draft column will be up tomorrow.

Good luck drafting!

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  1. Ladd-- Is there a way to print your rankings off of scribd? I purchased them, but have not figured out how to print. Thanks.