Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mock Draft #3 is in the books

They're coming fast and furious now, folks.

Today's mock draft with the Sporting News experts was a 10-team standard (non-PPR) league.  Once again, I "randomly" ended up with the 8th overall pick.

Here's what I did with it:

Pick 1.8: Drew Brees, QB, Saints.  Last time, I selected Ryan Mathews with the same pick.  Today, he was taken #7.  Since the only WR worth a 1st rounder in my eyes (Megatron) was long gone, my choice was either Darren McFadden or my 2nd-ranked QB.  I went with Brees and, fortunately, found RunDMC waiting for me at the turn.

Pick 2.3: Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders.  The only problem with McFadden, as we all know, is his injury history.  So this is a roll of the dice, but one that could pay off handsomely.  He is clearly first-round caliber, when healthy.

Pick 3.8: Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots.  I was targeting an elite WR here, but when AJ Green and Mike Wallace were snagged right before my pick, I decided to claim last year's Fantasy MVP.  I won't have too long to wait for my WR1.

Pick 4.3: Julio Jones, WR, Falcons.  At the top of the 4th round, the electrifying sophomore could be a steal.  With his sure hands and explosiveness, there's no reason to think he can't out-pace Roddy White this season.  Not yet at elite status, he's not far off either.

Pick 5.8: Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants.  With Brandon Jacobs exiled to the West coast, Bradshaw will get the bulk of the carries in this high-scoring offense; at least until a viable backup emerges (David Wilson doesn't concern me one bit, at this point).  I love Bradshaw as a RB2, especially in the 5th round.

Pick 6.3: DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles.  Will he get his head out and return to near-elite status?  Good question.  I guess we're about to find out.  I was weighing D-Jax, Antonio Brown or Torrey Smith here; and guess what...

Pick 7.8: Torrey Smith, WR, Ravens.  I got two of the three!  Smith is one of my favorite sleepers of the 2012 season.  If he and Flacco can form a close bond, Smith could approach elite status.  No doubt, he'll be significantly more valuable than the aging Anquan Boldin, who was selected next.

Pick 8.3:  Jahvid Best, RB, Lions.  If either McFadden or Best remains healthy all year, I'll be just fine at RB.  If they both stay upright, I'm golden.

Pick 9.8: Pierre Garcon, WR, Redskins.  Never been a big fan, but he's in the best position to be RJ3's No. 1 receiving weapon.  That could make the former Colt a viable fantasy play many (but not all) weeks.

Pick 10.3: Denarius Moore, WR, Raiders.  Another of my sleeper selections, Moore should be Carson Palmer's favorite target in his sophomore campaign.  He'll be good for a spot start or three, assuming he can stay healthy.

Pick 11.8: Mikel LeShoure, RB, Lions.  Here's the deal.  I don't believe for one second that Jahvid Best will survive the entire season.  I would have taken LeShoure here whether or not Best was on the roster.  Between the two, I've got one potentially blue-chip rusher.

Pick 12.3: Nate Washington, WR, Titans.  Kenny Britt is a ding-dong, and Kendall Wright is an unseasoned rookie. That makes Washington the most reliable -- if least exciting -- receiver on the Titans.  Whatever that means.

Pick 13.8: Tim Hightower, RB, Redskins.  Not sure what possessed me to jump on Mike Shanahanigan's RB merry-go-round, but I did.  That's why they call it a mock draft.

Pick 14.3: Packers defense/special teams.  I'd been planning to pull the trigger on the Pack for the last two rounds, but nobody had selected a defense since the 49ers were taken in the middle of the 11th round.  My top-ranked unit came awfully cheap.

Pick 15.8: Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens.  Finally, the rest of the world has figured out that Flacco is over-rated as a fantasy QB.  (I've been saying it for years.)  Now, he's a steal.

Pick 16.3: Alex Green, RB, Packers.  I'm pretty convinced that he'll be the starting RB in Green Bay by mid-season.  James Starks has shown flashes, but he's also been terribly inconsistent.

Pick 17.8: John Kasay, K, Saints.  Honestly, I'm not sure if Kasay or Garrett Hartley will be New Orleans' kicker this season.  So if I chose wrong, I'll correct it in free agency.  If this were real...

There you have it.  I kinda like this team.

What do you think?

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  1. I'm surprised Gronk lasted as long as he did. Sure, he won't pull down 17 TD's and accumulate 1,300+ yds again, but great value late in the third.

    Also, I too, am a big fan of Torrey Smith this year. Boldin has gradually become decrepit over the past two seasons. His walker might get more receptions than he does.