Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday morning updates for Week 1

Good morning, Fools!

As excited as I am about the first Sunday of the 2011 season, I can't seem to peel myself away from the 9/11 memorials. I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes fantasy football is a little less important today than usual. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since that awful day. Harder still to believe there hasn't been another successful terrorist attack on U.S. soil in the past decade. As often as many of us voice our disgust with our leaders in Washington past and/or present, we've gotta give them due respect: They've kept us safe longer than anyone 10 years ago would have ever believed. And, of course, we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to our men and women in uniform who are sacrificing so much for us overseas. It's a great day to be an American. God bless the USA.

Now, on to less weighty matters. Let's take a quick spin around the league for news we can use before the first games begin. Don't forget, I'll be tweeting the key inactives once those are released an hour before game-time. Make sure you're following me for the latest news (@ladd_biro).

Adrian Peterson just signed a $100-million contract extension to remain with the Vikings for the next seven years. Not too shabby for the league's best RB. For the record, his deal is bigger than CJ2K's.

You know Peyton Manning is out indefinitely. If Kerry Collins was looking for a good way to ease into his new job, he couldn't have picked a more welcoming secondary than Houston's. No, I wouldn't recommend starting Collins, but I wouldn't hesitate to start Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark today. And if Austin Collie starts as expected, he's a decent WR3, depending on your other options.

The biggest question heading into today's games was the status Arian Foster, and he's now been declared out. Derrick Ward will start, but expect a big dose of Ben Tate. Against Indy's sorry run defense, they both could be worthy starts.

You shouldn't be counting on Sidney Rice anyway, but there's a good chance he'll be inactive today at the 49ers.

Former Giant, new Eagle Steve Smith is likely to be active, which is certainly a positive development for his physical rehab. But you certainly can't expect him to play much. Similarly, while Jeremy Maclin is also projected to start, it would be best to see how, and how much, he plays before putting him in your starting lineup.

OK, now it's off to the inactives. Watch my tweets.

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