Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gore, V-Jax out

Just a quick note to be sure you heard the news that Frank Gore is out for the season after injuring his hip in the Monday night tilt with the Cards.

Brian Westbrook looked surprisingly spry in relief last night, running for 136 yards and a TD. Granted, it came against an awful Arizona defense, and the road gets tougher this weekend (at Green Bay). But the 49ers' schedule during the fantasy playoffs is pretty favorable (including the Seahawks in Week 14 and Rams in Week 16), so Westy could be a nice add for teams heading into the postseason. Especially those who were counting on Gore.

Also, Vincent Jackson injured his groin on Sunday while overcompensating for a nagging calf injury incurred during practice last week. He's expected to miss 2 weeks, which would then -- at best -- make him a risky start in Week 15. There's always a chance he could dazzle then, and in Week 16; but there's also a chance he'll be deadweight for two weeks, then a big question mark for the duration.

Plan accordingly.


  1. Westbrook, Forte or Tolbert this week?

  2. I have Knowshon, Thomas Jones, and Brandon Jacobs as my starting running backs but I just picked up Brian Westbrook. Is he worth starting over my other backs despite his matchup this week? Thanks Ladd!

  3. Seth,
    I like Tolbert if Mathews is still out. Otherwise, Forte.

  4. Jackson,
    Yeah, I'd start Westy over Jones.