Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome to Fantasy Fools!

Greetings, fellow fantasy football fools...

I've heard you. I've listened. Please, stop begging. It doesn't become you...

Yes...I've finally taken the plunge into the blogosphere! After writing for dozens of newspapers around the country for half a decade, I've decided to take my act to the people through another -- more interactive -- channel.

Not to worry...loyal readers of the Dallas Morning News, Kansas City Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sporting News magazine and others will continue to find the bi-weekly columns and other regular features you've come to expect from me in those outstanding publications. And listeners to Sporting News Radio and ESPN Radio will continue to hear my manly voice almost every night on one show or another during the NFL season.

But wait...there's more! Fantasy Fools will now become the centerpiece of a much more comprehensive array of fantasy football analysis, guidance and updates. I'll tie in social networking (primarily Facebook and Twitter) to deliver the breaking news fantasy diehards like you demand. (Let's face're reading a fantasy football've already come over to the Dark Side...might as well embrace it.)

Fantasy Fools will be your one-stop source of those dreaded "game-time decisions" and other last-minute updates that can make or break your weekly matchups. Who's inactive? Who's starting? Where are the winds wreaking havoc on quarterbacks and kickers? Who just tweaked a hammy in warmups?

You'll find it all at Fantasy Fools, along with my weekly positional rankings (updated through the first Sunday kickoff each weekend); my preseason draft analysis; my often-immitated, never-duplicated "Perfect Draft;" "Biro's Heroes & Zeros;" and other advice flowing from my obsessive, relentless, borderline-maniacal focus on fantasy football.

Who knows? I may even bring in a surprise guest or two during the season to offer expert commentary. I've had the privilege of working with some pretty impressive cats that you'll surely recognize, and I'm not above name-dropping.

So jump aboard...we'll have some fun...and what's more fun than humiliating your buddies in your fantasy league?

Become a Fantasy Fool today! I guarantee you'll win your league!***

*** Guarantee applicable only to players competing in single-team leagues and in states where such ridiculous guarantees are not valid.

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  1. Well, I got your e-mail notification, and used the link to 'create a blog'. I thought it would somehow link the blog to your site but it didn't. Is that possible or not possible to associate my blog as being under your site?
    RockyMtnHighColorado on blogspot